Changes, Reaching Goals, and Manifestation: The Stay Ready Chronicles

Hey Ya’ll, I’m Back!!!!



I didn’t post Friday because I had to do some schoolwork. Not only that, I needed to get my headspace clear. We’re in mid February already!! The rest of the year is only going to fly so I went over my goals, aspirations, and plans again. It was and has been time for readjustment for some time now. It has been a slow process since about December. I’ve been working with the universe and manifestation. Working working working, thinking that just because I’ve done all this inner work, that was it.


I completely forgot about all the things to be applied externally. If you’re not familiar with manifestation, it’s simply about attraction. The energy you give off, the things you speak into existence, they all become your reality. This isn’t to say that everything that happens to us is because of this, although we do have control over certain aspects of our lives and our reactions to the things that happen around us. Manifestation is all about co-creating with the universe, something I learned more recently.


You see, spiritual twitter which I tend to shade a lot (rightfully so) will have you FUCKED UP. They tell you to “manifest” and hold a couple of crystals and magically all your dreams will come to fruition. That will put you into an endless cycle for agesssss it’s the WORST EVERRRRRR. Make sure you do your own outside research, even from what I say. Listen to your intuition as well, it will let guide you. Anyways, to break it down, manifestation can be divided into two parts. The first part is speaking it into existence and releasing it into the universe and the second part is actively co-creating. DOING YOUR PART!!!!

I was looking over my old journals from last year and the things I accomplished, the things I didn’t and I noticed something that changed the way I went about setting goals and working towards what I’ve manifested. Most of the things that I didn’t accomplish was literally because I put no effort into it. The things I did accomplish consisted of 3 energies. The first being productivity; we can have all the goals and dreams we want, we can manifest all we want, but if we sit on our asses it won’t happen.


For example, I manifested moving to London my sophomore year of high school. Everything from there consisted of me doing intensive research, saving up, working my ass off for the grades I needed…putting the work in! If you want to lose 10 pounds, you have to actively take steps towards that. If you have a dream you want to pursue, DO THE WORK BITCHES!!! The second energy is creativity!!! Get creative with manifestation and reaching your goals.



I literally have vision boards and intentions list ALL OVER MY FLAT. In my bathroom, on the back of my front door….literally everywhere. It helps me to remember what I’m working towards and it brings daily inspiration. Bringing what you want to reality doesn’t have to be boring. Find time, space, and opportunities for yourself, don’t expect things to fall from the sky. The last energy is positivity!!! This one is clearly the most important. What we think becomes reality. If you want something yet you think negatively or have a doubtful energy, how do you expect it to come to fruition? Energy is no joke, it’s like when someone says “can this day get any worse?” with the expectations of the day getting worse…then they end up getting hit by a bus Regina George style. No really though, be positive through it all even when it gets tough.


It will bring inner strength and it will also show the universe how bad you want it. That’s not to say you won’t have a bad day, you won’t feel like giving up. Just remember not to stay in that space forever and bounce back!!! Working with these energies is extremely important. It is also important to do the work in the physical realm as well. C-H-A-N-G-E will have to occur. I know its something that scares a lot of folks but get comfortable with it. Change is the only thing we can be sure of in life other than death, so as I always say “You can either ride the wave or get swallowed up by it.”


Change your daily habits. Align them with what you are manifesting into your life. Make the adjustments necessary!! I worked on this a lot throughout January. I had to figure out first WHAT needed to be adjusted and even now I am still making some changes. This weekend actually, I completely cleaned out my wardrobe, cleaned up my living space and renewed the energy. Now the way I go about my work is so different. I’m actively working, emailing, taking workshops, and reading. Do whatever it takes to move towards your dreams, say yes when opportunities present themselves, don’t take no for an answer, and most of all…. STAY READY.


The thing you want is going to come to fruition when you least expect it to see if you’re REALLLLY ready, if it’s REALLLLLYYYY what you want. Also, be ready for failure, like for real. When I say don’t take know for an answering that is acknowledging that with every “no” there are 10 “yes’”. Don’t stop…. don’t give up. When the path looks foggy, ask spirit for guidance and trust. The heart never strays us wrong.


Overall, be present and have fun with the process, with each and every moment. Love your “In the meantime” because everyday it’s either a day of working towards our goals or hindrance by waiting out of fear. The choice is yours…JUST FUCKING DO IT BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING, YOU GOT THIS. Hopefully this quick read comes in handy. Don’t just take my word for it though, TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. If it works, pass it on to someone else. I want to see us all win, we got this ya’ll.


Until Next Time,



Stay Weird,


  1. And you did it agains!!:) I look forward to your weekly motivational spreads. It’s refreshing and always a joyful delight, viewing the World through Tai’s 👀.


  2. I love it! Carlos and I have been practicing manifestation and it’s all so awesome and exciting. You are in charge of your reality. Absolutely ❤❤❤


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