The June Chronicles

There is a deep agony that hovers our universe at this time.

Our souls weep as children are ripped from

Mama’s arms

Papa’s arms.

The only arms that they’ve ever known

The arms that made them feel at home, safe.

It seems that safety is no more for us.

While we weep, they, “the other” laughs.

They blame.

They continue with their mere ignorance, greed, and deviance.

We weep because this world seems like it has nothing left to give us.

Suicidal thoughts seem to be a daily occurrence.

So many broken souls.

What is there left to give when we’ve been pleading for God to change our circumstances

And yet, everything remains the same?

We feel trapped in a cycle of a vicious continuation of what our ancestors left unhealed.

It runs through our DNA, through our psyche.




We weep because we don’t know how we’re gonna make it.

Through this moment.

This day.

This week.

This month.

The remainder of the year that awaits our tears.

And somehow, we still rise with the sun as our souls say

“Hello, good morning.”

Somehow, deep within our universal, our pers-onal pain

Is a seed of hope, knowing that the sun that has been set in our lives for too long will soon rise just like that morning star our soul speaks to.

Where there is pain there is hope.

Where there is hope there is prayer.

Where there is prayer exists a source energy we know to be God almighty.

Who hears us and keeps us the best she can.

If only she could interfere with the phenomena known as “free will”.

This phenomena pierces through this wicked place we know as “Mother Earth.”

It is the greatest blessing and the deepest curse we have ever known.

We just want it all to end.

I have seen us on the other side of this storm.

Somehow, I know we will get there.

Let your pain be your strength.

Let your suffering be your fuel.

When the sun finally rises, I can assure you that you too, will rise anew.


In dedication to the children being ripped from their parents at the border.

To Kate Spade.

Anthony Bourdain.

And all who have been feeling low.


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