Healing, Growing, and Becoming: The Summer Chronicles

My life at this time feels like a bowl of pho on a cold winter night.

Soothing, full of flavor.

The misery that once encompassed my being has withered away, creating a delight in the new things that have come to be.

My life feels like butterflies fluttering through my body, like that really weird thing my chest does when I’m around her.

My life feels like freedom and transformation as I prepare to head back to school.

Love has made my faith in this experience bloom again, in a new way.

I approach this new life with grace.

I approach this new life with gratitude.

I approach this new life with a renewed sense of empathy.

I am growing.

I am becoming.

I am becoming.

I am becoming!

Life feels like a beautiful mist that slowly seeps into your skin on a cool summer night.

Life feels brighter than ever before.

The darkness that once hovered my energy has disappeared.

All the things that once seemed so detrimental have become blessings in pure disguise.

This season of change has sparked a metamorphosis; Through it all I have found:





Most of all, I have found love, deep within.

The love that fuels my heart and exudes through my being radiates from a place of plentifulness rather than lack.

A state of gratitude, rather than fear.

I truly understand now that love is, and always has been right here.

My cup runneth over, with an overflowing of spirit.

With an overflowing of wisdom from all who came before me.

And finally, an overflowing of faith, joy, and peace.

All that matters is the here and now.

Love is near, love is here.

   Deep reflections on the complete 180 my life has taken from June till now stirs many thoughts and emotions. Progress remains the stand out among all things. My 19th birthday has passed and soon, I will be back to London in the flow of a new chapter. I have made such beautiful memories that will remain in my heart for all of eternity. I am so grateful. Life has a way of always ensuring that we experience exactly what we need, when we need it.

Life is always on our side gently guiding us to honor ourselves no matter the circumstance.

Love how you want.

Live the way your heart desires.

Follow the guidelines of spirit and you can never go wrong.


    The most important thing above all else I have learned these past few months is that we will constantly be overcoming. Challenges are apart of the journey. However, if we can remember to be thankful for all of the good things, the challenges won’t seem so bad, and the blessings will seem far greater, even in the darkest of times. Our inner guidance is here, leading us in the direction of our purpose. If we listen close enough, we will hear its whispers and they will never lead us astray.

Trust yourself.

Trust life.

Trust your journey.

Release all that is no longer serving you, us.

   As this new chapter begins, I release the state of survival that once was. I now live in a state of abundance. And it is now understood that my attachments, frustrations, and fears stemmed from a lack within; Seeking out acceptance from everyone other than myself. All that we are seeking is, and always was within. The more we learn this, the more we grow. The more we grow and show up for ourselves, the easier it becomes for the universe to align us with people who will show up for us, to bless us with synchronicities from the heavens, and bring us eternal love.

I am gazing at life through a new lens,

Realizing that all of the challenges were simply lessons blessed upon us, me to thrive.

To discover all we, I have ever needed was within.

This is our transformation.

We are becoming,



As much as we so possibly can.

Give yourself a little more credit this season, and most importantly, celebrate your progress.

Let go.

Be gentle with yourself.

Celebrate how far you’ve come.

We are all in a metamorphosis, on a path to becoming our most authentic selves.

We are healing, becoming.

Like the caterpillar, awaiting its inevitable fate, be patient as your old self digests away and the butterfly within breaks out of the cocoon.

We are becoming,



Something brand new.


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