The Rainbow Chronicles

I see the world in many colors,

Nothing is black & white.

When I look outside of myself, I see beyond all labels, agendas, and self proclamations.

I simply see it,


On this journey of simply being and fulfilling all that we are destined to be.

The road is a short stretch, full of trial,



And failures.

conjointly, the road is a long celebration, full of surprise,


And love, love, love.

I see rainbows of dreams and a world outside of myself who so deeply desires to seek the dream.

I see clouds of fear, animosity, and disappointment, holding the world outside of myself hostage.

The clouds lie and say the dream is not possible, so it begins to rain.

Through the rain, the world outside of myself cannot see.

The world outside of myself cannot see the dream,

So they do not seek.

Now, the thunderstorm has begun.

Full of misery,


And acceptance of the lies told by the clouds.

The world outside of myself continues to weep,

And weep.

And weep.

Wondering why, how the life that they once shared became a world full of shadows and darkness.

Wondering why.

Why they listened to the lies told by the clouds who were only temporary after all.

Through the storm in this world outside of myself came



And power.

Through the storm,

the clouds began to fade away.

Although we could still smell that sweet aroma of rain,

Here came the sun.

The golden rays pushed through the clouds that once lied to the world outside of myself,

Reminding us of all that she will always return.

Storms do not last forever.

If you wait long enough, the rainbows will appear again, they always do.

Take your chance and chase the pot of gold on the other side.

You see, that won’t last forever either.

All is happening in cycles, all is temporary.

Yes, the world outside of yourself is temporary,

Even I.

This world outside of me, outside of you seems like a vivid dream now.

So clear yet such a wondrous mystery.

Take a step outside of it all,

The sky is now blue.

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