Action, Transformation, and Authenticity: The 2019 Chronicles.

I went away for awhile, to a place deep within myself.

I went away for awhile, and came back feeling oh so refreshed.

Sometimes the words don’t flow because there is simply nothing to say and everything to be felt. And when the time comes to speak, the opportunity will present itself.

I’ve been away for awhile and I have never felt more content with life. In 2018, I worked endlessly on my inner & spiritual evolution, leading me into 2019 with a mission to take action. Now, I am back to writing for the world, and I am so grateful.

For many souls at this time, bringing in manifestations and transforming our outer world will be, and already has been a major theme this year, making discipline and hard work more necessary than ever. We are shedding layers, finally morphing into what we imagined so long ago.

Look for the signs of growth, whether that be noticing how you procrastinate a little less, or a stronger consistency in personal goals.

As Spring creeps in, so does a sweet metamorphosis in the collective. How can you honor yourself more during this season and the desires/goals you are working towards? This is something to reflect on for the next few weeks.

When we honor ourselves and our goals, we honor our soul’s paths, which brings fulfilment and joy. Stagnation blocks this and keeps us in fear-based consciousness.

Taking those first steps is absolutely terrifying, as is completely shifting who you are. However, in order for us to evolve, stepping into the unknown is required.

As the old dies away, who we once were may put up a fight, and a damn good one too. It will fight tooth and nail to keep you from your transformation, know that you can and must carry on in your evolution in spite of this.

Know that your progress is not in vain. Search for the small wins, and remember that everything happens in divine timing.

In 2019, I challenge all of you beautiful souls to honor yourselves and step into authenticity. This word heavily resonates with our collective journey this year. We often work so hard against ourselves by dumbing our light down, making ourselves fit into the boxes/roles that have been assigned to us unwantingly. I believe that by the end of the year we will all step into the roles of simply being who we are, whatever that means for each individual.

Authenticity is how we find our purpose.

Authenticity is where we discover fulfilment.

Authenticity is your superpower, use it and allow your unique soul-print to shine.

And when you feel like giving up, remember to go within.

When you feel doubtful, find your support system.

We are on this journey together in love, in light, and in truth.

I see you beautiful souls, and I can assure you that you’ll make it too.

To a beautiful Spring season, and to powerful transformation.



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