Magic, Creativity, and Trust: The Virgo Full Moon Chronicles

Can you feel it?

The magic within?

Can you feel it?

The magic that runs through your veins?

You are magic.

You are mystical.

I can assure you.

But before you take the next step, let go of all that is not true.

Let it all fall away like a gentle rain on a tranquil night.

Know that you are becoming something so beautiful, so bright.

And when you become, you must abide in all that is new.

Ripping away the layers of the old you.

Can you feel it?

All that is no longer you?

It is falling away because it is no longer your truth.

Making no sound, it disolves away.

All that remains is the magic that runs through your veins.

To be made of magic is to breathe.

To be made of magic is simply, to be.

It has always been and always will be.

So find your magic within and let it flow freely.

There is magic in your walk.

There is magic in your talk.

You are a powerful being, can’t you see?

The life that surrounds you is what you have created it to be.

Be conscious of your magic, be bold in it too.

Then, I can assure you that the world of space and opportunity will always be open for you.

As another Full Moon comes to pass, we are asked to let go of all that is not so that we can truly embrace the magic within. Action is a major theme for the collective as we step into spring and Pisces season. Creativity is in the air, and with a new season blooming there is space and opportunity to bring in blessings, if we are ready to do the work that comes with that.

Doing the work is hard. action is hard, especially when we don’t know all of the details and the future of whats ahead is not clear. Trust and patience is needed. Know that everything will come to fruition. With diligence, patience, and commitment, there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

We are entering a space of time where our creative energy and intuition will be especially heightened. Pay attention to the signs unique to you, whether that be through your dreams, or those synchronicities that make you think “This is too good to be true!”.

This is our call to action, but first the old must be completely eradicated from our beings. There is no room, no space for what once was. In this season, let the old habits you have been fighting crumble away. Do this by acting every day as the person you deeply desire to be. Make a list of what that person would do, and then do it. Write what that person thinks like, and then think that way. Write what that person talks like, and then speak that way.

It is all up to you. How can you fulfil your manifestations when there is no action taken? How can the universe assist you if you hold yourself hostage in stagnation, impeded by fear? Though you may not be sure of all the details, or how everything will come together, trust that it will and take that first step. One step will become ten that will become a hundred that will become a thousand. Trust.

You never know how the universe will decide to bring it all in once you open up the space for all the blessings to flow in.

Trust your process. Trust God. Trust the universe, and most of all, trust yourself.

Your journey is only just about to begin.

With love,


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