Choices, Creation, and Cultivation: The Freedom Chronicles

What does it mean to truly be free?

Is it access to all the things we dream of?

Or the ability to be whatever we choose?

Is it the permission to live a life of authenticity?

Or the heart to go after what we want?

Freedom can only be identified by each individual I’m afraid to say, and that’s what makes it all so gruelling.

I mean, we’ve only ever looked outside of ourselves being passed down knowledge and “truths”.

We’ve watched our entire lives learning how to belong when the answers have been within all along.

We must look to ourselves to find the answers because we are the only ones who truly know what we want and where it is we want to proceed.

Everyday you must wake up and choose, you.

Each morning commences with the washing away of all thats ever been, presenting one with the opportunity to construct something new, to become whatever they choose.

What does it mean to truly be free?

Is it a life of discovery,

Or do we all go out in vain?

The past few months have been full of smiles, passion, and action. I have cried through the difficult moments and I have pranced through my new experiences that have taught me so much. I consistently feel myself shifting, morphing, and holding my own in this world around me.

As I shift, so does the flow of consciousness.

So does the seasons.

So do all things.

I can feel it, and I breathe it.

The alluring seeds that were planted so long ago are finally blooming.

I can truly, wholeheartedly say that it is something special to see the beauty of a dream come true.

I’ve learned in this process how to be patient, more kind and loving to myself, and the art of being “present bound”.

We get so future oriented, focusing only on the things we desire to create in our lives that we forget about the greatness all around in the present moment. Sure, we each have a vision for what we see for ourselves, though actually experiencing the progress and growth to get there can be such a liberating experience.

Change is hard, improvement makes the process worthwhile. Since we are forever evolving as individuals and collectively, it is important to grow in love, in comfort with this evolutionary affair.

I don’t always know what will happen next, or what to expect, though I think thats just apart of the thrill of being human. So no matter what, I trust whatever is to come, and I am committed to living my best life in the here and now.

Looking and moving forward is good. We just have to remember to look up at the clouds as often as we can. We are each unstoppable forces on unique journeys, who have the opportunity to live a new and authentic way every single day.

So lets make the most of it.

With Love,


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