To simply write this ‘about’ page with what I do would be a poor reflection of who I am. My identity is not to be confused with my gifts and abilities.

To begin, I am Tyler, mostly known as “Tai”. Above all else, I am love. I am kindness. I am patience. I am truth. I am a channel. Most of all, I am a voice for my generation.

To merge this with what I do, I love to serve, to give, and to learn. I am both a spiritual teacher and student, having worked with people from all over the globe. I created this space in 2018 to showcase my thoughts and travels, which quickly led to me using my gifts of counseling, writing, and intuition to guide others through the medium of Astrology, in which I have been studying since age 15. My readings are currently open and can be booked through this site.

Aside from this gift of service, I create vlogs and videos on my YouTube Channel. I love to vogue, breathe deeply, practice yoga, meditation, gratitude, patience, and unconditional love. My most beloved activity is travel, which you’ll be seeing plenty of here.

I pray that as you enter this safe space and connect with my work through your medium of choice, you are left feeling refreshed, light, positive, hopeful, and motivated to take action in your life. Welcome to my space of knowledge, spirituality, and adventure.