Astrology is a language, and cannabis is a medium. Together, they can bring us closer to home within ourselves.

About Astro-Cannabis

Cannabis has always been an aspect of my life. From growing up watching older family members smoke, to actually engaging with the plant myself as a teenager onwards in my life. In my younger years, I smoked to escape the physical world and connect with my higher self. As an adult, I’ve looked for ways to bring more intention into cannabis usage, and in my life at large. 

In the same way that Cannabis has always been around in my life, so has spirituality. On my path, I connected with Astrology as a language and ancient tool to better understand the world around me. 

Now……I get to blend two very important tools in my life, in a way that will help you understand your individual journey in depth.

In 2022, I began to investigate the ways in which we can use astrology to better understand our personal relationships with cannabis. From strains to terpenes, I wanted to better understand why some people respond the way they do to different types of cannabis.

Thanks to a nudge from an herbalist named Ifayomi, I decided to research and test out methods with a group of studies, and have since then developed a way to observe personal needs, unique consumption methods, & best strains + terpenes on a case by case basis, using the planet Venus, the individual’s rising sign, and its ruler. 

You can check out the origins of my research here:

nyc workshop

Astro Cannabis Workshop Brooklyn, NYC

April 16th 2023

11am-1pm ET


In this intimate and enriching workshop, I’m bringing my research out, and helping you better connect with yourself through cannabis along the way. We’ll begin with a presentation exploring the origins of cannabis, its history, and the basics on how it impacts our bodies, and lastly how this all relates through the lens of astrology.

 After this introduction, we’ll learn about Cannabis consumption through the lens of the natal chart: the planets Venus and Saturn, What strains pair best with what signs, how your rising + its ruler impacts your smoking style, and our unique senses & needs in relation to ingesting the plant. 

I will lastly explore each chart within the group through individual 1 on 1 time, concluding with recommendations on selecting strains and terpenes based on your current transits, plus additional herbs for your roll-ups.

This experience will feature 1 pre-roll, 1 edible, snacks, and beverages with each ticket.

This event has sold out!

About the Host

Tai is a professional astrologer, co-founder, world traveler, and cannabis advocate. With each project and endeavor, Tai pours all her creative energy into creating unique, informative, and impactful experiences. She enjoys cracking jokes, serving her community, and of course….smoking the herb in her spare time.

Astro Cannabis Event Registration

Please come to the event with your birth chart details, any cannabis supplies of your choice, and an open heart to share and learn.



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