Novaa’s Knowledge: Creating and Managing your Spiritual Business

This 75 minute class will cover:

  • Taxes
  • Formulating your business (LLC)
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Networking
  • Legal operations and protection
  • The In’s & Outs of offering services


Throughout the duration of the class, Jade and Tai will be going through each of these topics in depth whilst also offering guidance from their own experiences with owning and operating spiritual businesses.

This class will be conducted on Saturday, June 26th @ 1:30pm EST Via zoom, which a confirmation link will be sent within 48 hours to those who purchase their tickets. Further information will be provided as well.

*Disclaimer- This class is intended for informational purposes only. It is understood by purchasing a ticket that the information provided is based on personal knowledge and expertise, which should always be further researched. We are not liable for any financial or legal decisions personally made.*



Worldwide Tai launched in 2018 after a “trip” in the Netherlands that nudged her to start a blog and offering astrology reports, which then grew to consultations. 

    Tai began offering consultations alongside studying for her BA in Criminology in London, England, and has been able to work with over 600 clients in person and virtually. 

After graduating in 2020, Tai took WWT to the next level making it her full time career and hasn’t looked back sense. With an emphasis on utilising spirituality to connect with your purpose and path, Tai specialises in Life Purpose Astrology, which observes the natal signatures to assist and guide others to living a life that feels authentic. 

  Tai takes on many roles like a true Gemini MC and designs and creative content in her spare time, along with managing an entertainment Astrology account on twitter. Known as the “Astro memestrologist” for creating video and photo memes for the signs, her account has now grown to over 22,000+ followers. 

   With 6 years of study in Modern Astrology and 3 years running her own business, Tai has partnered with Jade Sykes, ijaadee on their own spiritual platform Novaa Network which is set to launch this summer. 

  As the Director of Creative and Legal Operations for Novaa, Tai is excited to bring some her knowledge and experience to this class! 

Jade Sykes is a universal astrologer who has studied a variety of sought after topics including pregnancy astrology, horary, Degree Theory, and more.

She has cultivated a community of over 140,000+ people dedicated to the study of advanced Astrology and peer to peer discussion.

  Jade’s great attention to detail and ability to make Astrology understandable has set her apart from the crowd. She currently reads for numerous celebrity clientele, most notably Grammy nominated singers Kehlani and SZA.

Currently, Jade manages an exclusive content account on Patreon with over 5,000 Patrons. Together with her business partner, Tai Grace, Jade co-founded Novaa Net LLC and serves as the Director of Marketing. 

Thank You!