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A Glimpse Into The New Year: 2020 Reflections & 2021 Foresights

We made it to the end of 2020!! I am so excited to bring this very SPECIAL consultation centered around your year in review and what is in store as you step into 2021.


1 Hour Astro/Soul Consultation

This is a 60 minute VIDEO session via skype or zoom. In this consultation, we explore the highlights in your chart as well as your current transits. This gives the opportunity for you to reflect and gain new insights as I dissect different areas in your life (Love, Career, Money etc) that may be impacting your energy at this time.


Classic Natal Chart Reading

The Natal Chart takes you through a exploration of your soul and cosmic destiny. It highlights major themes, patterns, gifts, and abilities that will be encountered through ones life by analysing your planets, occupied houses (placements), and major aspects. The chart holder is then given this analysis along with interactive guidance helping one to recognise their mental patterns, any blockages they may have, and lastly helping the chart holder to make necessary adjustments to move towards ones destiny.


Life Purpose Reading

This reading analyses the highlights of your natal chart that signify your destiny and purpose. Your calling, gifts, and talents will be magnified out along with any hinderances. To end your reading, a life purpose 3 card oracle spread and message from spirit will leave you with clarity and a set of questions for you to reflect upon amongst yourself.


Life Purpose Bundle

This bundle includes the full Natal Chart along with the Life Purpose Reading. The bundle analyses the entire chart while also focusing on the placement in one’s chart that signifies their unique purpose/destiny along with a 5 card oracle spread and message from spirit.


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