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Life Purpose Astrology Consultation

With times changing and more and more people being called to align with their divine purpose, I knew this consultation would be so necessary. This consultation is up to 60 minutes, centered and focused on your purpose, destiny, and ultimately how to apply this within your life! We look at your Natal Chart and how to utilise your gifts, talents, and lessons in this life with what you are here to do. Our purpose is more than our career or job, but rather how we can make impacts and shifts firstly within ourselves, and secondly within the spaces and communities around us. Therefore, using the natal chart, astrological techniques such as transits to natal, along with a Tarot and oracle spread with guidance from Spirit, this reading unfolds the potential of one’s light, one’s purpose, and how to fulfill these energies within their life right now! *Note- this is NOT a full natal chart reading. All consultations are held via zoom and will be scheduled via email after bookings.* IMPORTANT: Please click the “Birth Details” button below after payment!


Returning Client Consultation

This is an up to 60 minute session for returning clients only! During our session, Tai will walk you through a relaxing meditation along with a check in on things since your last session. We will assess your transits as well as any questions you may have at this present time. Afterwards, we look at your upcoming astrology along with a tarot + oracle spread to gain some final insights and clarifying guidance from spirit.


Sliding scale – For BIPOC (Black & Indigenous people of colour) & University Students only

This is a 30 minute session offering a taster of Tai’s Life Purpose session.


Solar Return

This is an up to 60 minute session celebrating your solar return and the year ahead! During this time, Tai will begin the session with a guided meditation and intention setting with you to see what you would like to gauge the most from your session. Additionally, we look at the overlay of your solar return & natal chart, the themes that are present for you in the upcoming year, and any challenges or lessons that may come up. You will also have freedom to ask any questions! Lastly, we end off your session with a clarifying and invigorating tarot + oracle message from spirit.


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