Reading Terms and Conditions + Energetic Boundaries

I am committed to ensuring you have the best possible reading and experience.

Here are a few terms and conditions along with boundaries by me to ensure that both you the client and me, the reader, are protected.


  • Your personal details are protected and eliminated from my Astrology bank after the reading unless I have been given permission to keep such by you, the client.
  • Your email and name remain on a client list for me to send future offers and discounts unless you choose to opt-out of these.


  • It is my responsibility to ensure that you feel safe, supported, and open during your session. If at any point we discuss anything sensitive, you have the option to opt-out by letting me know, which I will then respect and keep in mind for the remainder of our session.
  • By booking this reading you understand that any advice given is for *entertainment purposes* and up to you, the client, to utilize within your own life. 
  • On the day of our session, you have a 15 minute grace period, which after, your session will then be canceled. You will be able to reschedule one additional time. After 72 hours, if there has been no communication, your session is then subject to a non-refundable cancellation.
  • If cancellation is within 24 hours before your session, you are subject to a 50% fee in which the remaining 50% will be refunded.
  • If there has been a lack of communication from the client (over 3 weeks), then you are subject to a non-refundable cancellation.