When I think of forgiveness, I don’t think I’ve ever been quite sure of what it means. It seems weird, to have someone hurt you so badly, so deeply…..and you just let it go? What I am learning now, is that this process is not about letting go within itself or forgetting what that person […]

Sometimes, I don’t know where I’m going with this art thing. I’ve been pressuring myself so much to find a niche, give a message of some sort, and to be intentional when right now what I need to be doing is exploring myself. I’m still doing that as a person and I deserve the chance […]

When I think of you, my mind blooms I feel such warmth from the fire you carry inside of you. When I think of you, there is a gentleness that steeps around me. Maybe its your beautiful eyes that carry the essence of a Bambi Or your smile that could truly make any room brighten. […]

I see the world in many colors, Nothing is black & white. When I look outside of myself, I see beyond all labels, agendas, and self proclamations. I simply see it, Us. On this journey of simply being and fulfilling all that we are destined to be. The road is a short stretch, full of […]